Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Entry Software Corporation has been a trusted provider of business solutions since 1998.  We have worked hard to earn the trust of our clients, in part, by carefully and recording the use of all personal information that our clients entrust to us in order for us to properly service their needs. The privacy and use of this personal information is very important to us and we are committed to safeguarding it.

As a leading edge software and technology company, we have the expertise to establish physical and electronic safeguards, along with processes, to protect that information from unauthorized access and use.

When transacting business with us, you may share information so that we can provide you with the products and services that best fit your needs.  Even though we as an organization do collect a minimum of “personal information” about our clients or the staff that work for them, we do, however, in the operation of our business, are sometimes required to be in possession of information or data that our clients have gathered about their customers that is considered “personal”.

We assume your consent for our company to use this information in an appropriate manner.  We may use or disclose this information in order to:

  • Establish and maintain communications with you;
  • Offer and provide products and services to meet your needs;
  • Compile and analyze statistics;
  • Comply with the law; and
  • Any business or activity which Entry Software Corporation may undertake under federal, provincial, or territorial legislation.

You could refuse to allow us to obtain, use or share your personal information, or you could withdraw your consent at any time. However, by doing so, you may be limiting or even preventing our ability to provide you with the requested product or service.

We do not sell or otherwise share your personal information with third parties.

We may occasionally use the information to tell you about services or products that we believe would be of interest or directly affect you.  If you would prefer not to receive this type of notification, please contact our Privacy Officer.

If you have any further questions, please contact our Privacy Officer.

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