Our Story

A journey through our past; from 1998 to now...

Our Story

1998 – The Founding of Entry Software

Canada and the United States signed NAFTA, there were a billion fewer people on the planet, Nana Mouskouri was a household name, and Mark Donais and Barry Cousins founded Entry Software. While working for Canada Trust, developing and launching the EasyWeb system, Mark and Barry saw a need for an integrated project management and ticketing system, so they formed a company and wrote TeamHeadquarters v.1.0.

2001 – A Business Odyssey

It was the first year of the 3rd Millennium, the tragedy of 9/11 galvanized the world, and George Bush was elected the 43rd President of the United States.

Entry Software customers were providing an enormous amount of great feedback on TeamHeadquarters™, which motivated the company to develop and integrate a complete help desk system and Web-based Gantt chart for Project Management. Clients wanted email integration, so we added email agents and email notifications. Mark Donais, the CEO, recalls:

“Integrating a help desk into the project management suite just made sense. Project Managers need to know how their resources are being utilized and the impact their service requests have on project schedules and plans.”

-Mark Donais, Founder

2008 – The Storm and the Light

The great recession began, Barack Obama was elected President of the United States (yes, he could), China was adding melamine to dog food and weather devastated the Pacific. The great news is that if you are reading this page, then you survived.

Online software subscriptions, or SaaS, were gaining popularity and our clients required us to go SaaS. We developed multi-tenant, SaaS deployment and new subscription models. With our new SaaS deployment models, TeamHeadquarters™ could be run anywhere at a low cost. Mark Donais says:

“It was very important for us to move our software into the SaaS world, and I’m glad we did. We’ve made sure all future versions of TeamHeadquarters™ can be deployed either onsite or through SaaS.”

Mark Donais, Founder

2013 – A Whole New World

It was the year of crazy weather, Pope Francis and the birth of Prince George.

Entry Software completely rewrites TeamHeadquarters™, using leading-edge 2013 technology — independent of browser, device or platform — welcome HTML 5. TeamHeadquarters™ 6.x had served us well, and our customers loved it; but, as with all things — especially technology — they must be revised and rewritten. Mark Donais says:

“TeamHeadquarters was dependent on the Microsoft browser to operate, and that kept us from evolving our product. We still use Microsoft SQL for the database, but the front end is completely free of any technological dependency. It’ll run on any browser, any device, on any platform.”

Mark Donais, Founder