TeamHeadquarters™ Help Desk

TeamHeadquarters™ help desk organizes support teams and improves customer satisfaction with an easy to use ticketing system.

Help Desk

The TeamHeadquarters™ Help desk allows for ticketing services to all areas of your organization — not just IT.

Create unlimited ticket queues and staff them uniquely.

Create custom email addresses, e.g.,, and automatically create tickets from email and assign them to individuals using rules and templates.

The TeamHeadquarters™ Help Desk allows for ticketing services to all areas of your organization — not just IT.

Help Desk Reporting Dashboard

The TeamHeadquarters™ My Queues Dashboard provides instantaneous feedback on ticket activity, identified problems, product support issues, and a real-time activity monitor across mutiple help desks you are monitoring.

Identify risks, increase awareness of potential problems and give your customers outstanding service using the TeamHeadquarters™ My Queues Dashboard.

Watch: My Queues

Watch: My Queues

Customer Self-Service Portal

TeamHeadquarters™ Customer Self-Service Portal empowers customers by allowing them to create and manage their support tickets, attach documents and add updates.

The portal creates a win-win situation from which the customer and support team benefit.

Excitingly, portals can support different types of requests through customized forms that trigger unique ticket automations.

Asset Management

Asset management is an essential element of Incident and Problem Management.  TeamHeadquarters™ Asset Management connects single asset or multiple assets to incidents. With Asset Management capture vital asset data, connect assets to help desk tickets, (incidents) and problems. Manage the entire asset lifecycle from purchase to retirement.

Ticket Scheduling

Schedule work on help desk tickets with TeamHeadquarters™ built-in calendar and integrate with Google and Outlook. Timesheets and the calendar are linked together to make it easy to create timesheet reports.  Scheduling your work in TeamHeadquarters™ gives the help desk operator and project manager visibility of resource availability.

Watch: My Calendar