Project Management

TeamHeadquarters™ Project Management is fully integrated with Help Desk and Asset Management. It is a simple, easy to learn application for building projects quickly.

Project Management

TeamHeadquarters™ Project Management is for all areas of your organization — not just IT.  Use it for product development, marketing, facilities management and more!

Quickly communicate issues, risks, change requests and incidents to customers, the project team and executives through built-in Status Updates.

Create and assign project tasks and support tickets to staff and customers and alert them with email notifications.

TeamHeadquarters™ Project Management gives you control of 100% of your project interactions.

Project Dashboard

The Project Dashboard gives real-time information on what’s occurring across all projects including tasks, tickets, time entries, comments, files, and milestones.

Drill down to tasks and tickets right from the dashboard to quickly identify project risks, increase awareness of potential problems and maintain excellent customer communications.

The TeamHeadquarters™ My Projects Dashboard is your window into your Project Portfolio.

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Customer Self-Service Portal

TeamHeadquarters™ Customer Self-Service Portal links the support team to the client. In the portal, the client can add view and update service requests as well as review and update project tasks and project management information.

The portal keeps the customer informed and improves the communication between them and the support team.

Assign project and support work to customers and inform them of the latest Status Update.

Watch: The portal in action

Resource Management

Project Managers use TeamHeadquarters™ Resource Management to plan projects. By reviewing the last 90-days of work on all project and support work for each member of the team, the Project Manager can then do a better job of managing resources, avoiding bottlenecks and meeting project schedules.

Project Managers will quickly find this to be the best resource management intelligence they have ever had.

Project Task Management

The integrated Gantt in TeamHeadquarters™ is used to create project tasks.  Add milestones, assign resources, create schedules and project dependencies.  You will find that the task management system is feature rich and easy to use.

It will help you to integrated project management practices into your organization, improve resource utilization, strengthen schedules and increase customer satisfaction.

Watch: The Gantt Chart 1

Watch: The Gantt Chart 2

Task Scheduling

Schedule project tasks and tickets for in your calendar while taking into account work and personal schedules from integrated Google and Microsoft Exchange calendars.

TeamHeadquarters™ helps you to schedule all your work and provides a quick way to create timesheet entries.

Watch:  My Calendar

Project Status Updates

More than 50% of respondents to our independent survey indicated that Project Managers spend more than two hours per week, per project just preparing the Project Status Report.

Many said during their survey interviews that they spend days just gathering information for their reports, in addition to the actual time required to produce and distribute them.

TeamHeadquarters™ Status Updates capture all the critical task and ticket info, provides the opportunity to add comments and inserts an update into the database as a transaction.

Send the status update through email or let the customer access it through the Customer Self Service Portal.

TeamHeadquarters™ keeps you focused, maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of your time, as it also eliminates the drudgery from status updates.

Email Agent

With TeamHeadquarters™ Email Agent, project teams and project managers receive notifications when tasks are updated, comments added or updated, and time entered.

Assign project tasks and tickets and inform clients and team members.

Automatically manage inbound project email regarding tickets, task updates, and file uploads.

TeamHeadquarters™ makes communications easy, quick, and accurate for customers, teams, and the Project Manager.

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Issue Management

Each project has built-in issue management.  Track Issues in project-specific ticket queues.  Capture issues of any nature; risks, questions, support, change requests, and technical work.

Assign tickets to team members and track all activity on them.

Schedule issues in your calendar with integration to Google and Outlook.

Project Managers can control issues and tickets right from the project dashboard.

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Project Financial Management

Store project benefits, budgets, and costs securely and with exposure limited to the project manager role.  Comprehensive project document management facilitates project status updates and visibility of relevant financial information.