A Message from the CEO

Mark Donais is the founder and CEO of Entry Software Corporation. As a project manager, Mark specializes in helping IT departments simplify their business operations and get organized with TeamHeadquarters™.

To our Customers

Thank you. Your continuous support is important to the team at Entry Software and our customers. Your contribution is helping us make TeamHeadquarters™ a world-class product – one that truly fits the ideal of “a single application to manage all work.”

To our Prospective Customers

Earlier during my career, which included product development and project management for the banking industry, my team and I were faced with the challenge of developing and executing high profile projects with multiple disparate resources scatter across various business units and geographies.

To overcome this communication and project execution challenge, we needed comprehensive data about the project team’s current achievements, what tasks were planned for them, when they plan on completing their work and how can we report to management. Our resource plan had to account for their potential availability to ensure projects were executed and managed effectively and efficiently.

At the time, such a resource plan was essentially impossible. That conundrum was my inspiration for starting Entry Software, gathering a dedicated premier software development team and developing TeamHeadquarters™ — our solution to what seemed to be a major challenge.

The guiding principle for Entry Software was and continues to be: “To manage resources effectively, you need a simple time-tracking and scheduling system that people can use to manage and record their planned project, unplanned support and operational work.”In short we needed a Work Management system.

It became obvious that the path forward was an all-in-one Work Management System that must have the ability to easily manage planned project, unplanned support, and operational work; in a unified way! But more importantly it had to be cognizant of all your scheduled commitments.

We’ve achieved our goal with plans to exceed it!

The Future

We are excited about our future relationship with you. Our new, inspirational programming platform will drive the continual evolution of TeamHeadquarters™ throughout our journey to deliver optimal management excellence! I invite you to contact me, so we can discuss in more detail our future plans for TeamHeadquarters™.

Every day, we work to make the lives of IT professionals like you simpler and more rewarding. We’re dedicated to removing the burden of administration, enhancing the ability of all team members to execute their assignments successfully and efficiently, improving the quality of the information Project Managers require and helping you exceed your customers’ expectations.

You can help me by telling me your story and your ideas.

Yours truly,

Mark Donais