app consolidation
Harmonizing work through app consolidation drives huge efficency gains.

Consolidate applications for IT work management and reduce effort, cost and futz factor to the tune of 300%!

IT organizations are overloaded with apps. This graphics represents a typical sample of an organizations disparate IT work management application layer. Each app likely has its own database. Apps require maintenance and input and a cost to keeping the current.

It gets worse.

  • Multiple installations and databases of apps used in different silos
  • Apps installed by rogue IT staff that need/want them
  • Home grown applications may be installed for each department
  • Project management tools can include spreadsheets, open source applications and Microsoft tools.
  • Add SharePoint or Wiki tools

When does this become unmanageable?

It already is unmanageable. The real question is when does this become impossible?

The exact circumstance that leads to an impossible situation happens when the capability of the team to manage multiple data points breaks at a customer interaction point. In other words the customer, “fell through the crack”. Customer upsets increase and IT satisfaction plummets. Cracks become chasms and change then must occur.

Be certain that at some point in the future the IT organization will shake apart for this reason and that this is what keeps the IT manager awake at night.

What to do? Consolidate applications, eliminate duplication and redundant applications and data, and align your IT efforts with an IT strategy. Easy to say, tough to do; isn’t it? It sure is but this is a guaranteed win and an effort that the IT Manager can either choose to engage with or one that may be chosen for him.

The Benefits of Consolidation

Companies that eliminate, align and consolidate disparate IT management systems, processes and activities:

  • Improve employee work efficency
  • Have fewer resource crunches
  • Simplify your IT operations

Tips for condolidating apps

How can TeamHeadquarters Help?

Consolidate your IT work with TeamHeadquarters. Integrating project management, help desk, time sheets, resource management and more, TeamHeadquarters will streamline your IT work management.

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