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As a manager, you are always looking for ways to cut costs and increase profits for your workforce. To achieve this, key areas IT can optimize include human resources, customer satisfaction and software application costs. Combined work management software can have an effect on this.

Typically IT departments use separate applications to provide insight into these areas — project management, help desk support, operations management and time tracking. Work management software is a solution that brings all of these pieces together, allowing you to streamline processes and access business information in one place.

By using a single platform to organize your employees and their work, you can see a return on your investment in the following areas:

Increased Employee Efficiency and Productivity

With a single source to manage the three pillars of work, you will ensure that your team focuses on the projects and tasks that they should be based on organizational goals, as well as individual experience and expertise. Because past project data is stored and shared within the system, employees will spend less time searching for needed information, and more time executing on tasks and projects.

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Enhanced Managerial Oversight

Real-time data allows you to access timely, highly useful information regarding project statuses, support analytics and operational duties at any time, without interrupting your employees. Real-time data keeps everyone on task and helps ensure that projects are on time and budget, or otherwise brings awareness of when things veer off track.

Improved Reporting to End Users and Executives

Communication features allow your team to keep key stakeholders updated on project statuses: from end users with open tickets to managers that want regular updates on high-level projects. Also, automated reporting capabilities enable you to share project details and department data with the C-level. This way, you can regularly evaluate performance, identify areas that need improvement, and provide ongoing reports on time- and cost-savings to show progress.

Reduced Software Costs

Rather than purchasing some systems and piecing them together, select a work management system that provides all the functionality you need. A single system reduces the overall price tag, as well as ongoing costs for maintenance, administration, operational support, employee training and upgrades.

Due to gains in workforce efficiency, combined with reductions in software application support, many of our customers have reported a 100% return on investment within just a few months of implementation.

Does your organization use a work management software system? If so, what financial results are you seeing?