asset management
Track incidents related to your IT assets to understand where you might have issues

Many help desk software solutions don’t have the asset management feature. And while some businesses may think they can do without it, it’s proven to be a powerful tool to have.

What is Asset Management?

With IT asset management software, you can discover, track, and have a report of your IT infrastructure hardware and software assets. You will have the ability to automatically identify a computer’s hardware and software assets which will include information such as hostname, model, serial number, hard drive, memory, and installed software. Furthermore, you can also import your existing IT asset inventory details to the IT asset management software.

When you have asset management integrated into your help desk, you can manage both hardware and software which includes client assignment. You can keep your IT inventory up-to-date with automated and scheduled IT asset discovery. You’ll have an automated system that links assets to IT tickets, track their history and other relevant service requests.

But beyond IT, your company may have valuable assets such as smartphones, fixtures, or even decorative items like expensive paintings in your lobby or executives’ offices. Asset management is for companies that want to keep track of their high-value assets as they continue to add value to their business.

What Asset Management Integration can do for your Organization

When asset management is integrated with your help desk software, you can assign an asset to a particular user. For example, if your company has assigned your sales staff each with a smartphone, tablet, laptop, and a PC, you will see what devices each user has whenever they submit a ticket. More importantly, when there is a problem with an asset, you know exactly who to contact.

If a user submits a ticket that their PC is broken, you can easily look up the history of that asset. That particular PC may have had a similar issue a while back, and instead of your technician treating the issue as though it was a new problem, they would be able to check the system to see if the issue has occurred before and what was done to resolve it.

When shopping for help desk software, you may think that asset management is a feature you can do without. You may regret it later. Luckily, there are help desk solutions like TeamHeadquarters that have developed a solution that will help you effectively manage all project and non-project activities with one application. TeamHeadquarters is the all-in-one solution that includes service desk, project management, resource management, and scheduling.

With the TeamHeadquarters Asset Management tool, you can connect a single asset or multiple assets to incidents; capture vital assets and vendor and purchase data; and connect assets to service requests, (incidents) and problems.

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