As a business owner or manager, you’re likely always looking for the solution to enhance efficiency, improve processes, and increase profit.

You’ve probably heard of project management software but haven’t quite explored its features to discover whether or not it’s for your business or not. You know that it will help you organize, plan and manage your resources yet you still have some hesitations. Here are four signs that will tell you that it may be time to use project management software:

You’re Using Too Many Different Tools

With project management software, you don’t need to use different applications for each feature that you use such as a time tracker, a Gantt chart, and a cloud system. With project management software, all the features you already use and more are in one solution.

For example, with project management software, TeamHeadquarters, you’ll have total control of project ticket queues, integrated email agents, sophisticated and comprehensive resource management, task scheduling, project groups, portfolio dashboards, integrated status reporting, integrated and customizable reporting, the inclusion of customers on project tasks and tickets and a Customer Self-Service Portal.

manage projects like a proYou Can’t Keep Track of Your Team Member’s Activities or Progress

Do you know where your staff members are and what they are doing? Do you have to physically ask them or wait for a reply to your email to find out if they are available to be assigned new tasks that are coming in?

Project management software keeps you up-to-date on what your individual team members are working on and how they are progressing. You’ll know who is slacking off and who is performing. This ability to know what your people are doing will not only save you a lot of time but a lot of money.

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You Can’t Create Real-Time Forecasts or Predict Costs

Project management software allows you to track expenses in real-time and will give you the most accurate estimations and quotations. You’ll have a clear view of the billable hours you have from week to week and month to month and an accurate glance of the status of current jobs.

Your Team Has Been Making a Lot of Avoidable Errors and Costing You

Project management software was developed to help project managers and staff make as few mistakes as possible. Processes are streamlined, tasks that were once done manually can now be automated, and having the project management solution in place promotes accountability which means that team members are more careful and perform better.

Do you still have hesitations about transitioning to project management software despite already displaying all the signs that your organization would benefit it? Click here for a free demo of TeamHeadquarters to discover how you can have better control of your business processes.