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Every manufacturing company’s goal is to expand. To achieve this, they recognize the need to get closer to their customers and vendor and build a strong customer base while also focusing on reducing costs to increase profits.

For manufacturers, the aim is to have a system in place where the communication between both customers and vendors is streamlined.

This is why many manufacturers all over the world are now adopting help desk software to help them manage their sales, leads, and opportunities. Help desk software for manufacturers means having the ease of creating tickets for all communications with the capability to categorize them and viewed when needed. 

Here’s what to look for in help desk software for the manufacturing industry: 

Customer Support Management

Providing superior customer service is a priority for any company. Your help desk software should be equipped to handle requests via email or phone and convert them into tickets which can be categorized based on your specifications. 

To attend to customer support issues efficiently, you should be able to find your priority tickets using a simple search and resolve them immediately. 

manage projects like a proVendor Management 

Communicating with vendors and industry suppliers is an equally important aspect of manufacturing industry success. Help desk software communication can be streamlined through the creation of tickets and regular updating of statuses. 

Facility Management 

Communication gaps can cause time delays which decrease the efficiency levels of any organization. Your help desk software should also have the ability to allow employees to quickly find services or facilities within your company and be able to create tickets for all of them. 

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Tracking and Issue Resolution 

In manufacturing, companies need to be prepared for partners emailing with issues in damages, repairs, and returns. Help desk software stores these issues in the system and makes it easier for employees to pull up these actionable tickets and proceed to process the needed repair or replacement. 

Contact Management

Because you deal with both customers and vendors in manufacturing, you’ll be in a better position to provide personalized customer service when you have all their emails addresses and contact information in a centralized system. 

But beyond the features and benefits of help desk software, your manufacturing company will want to adopt a help desk software that provides your IT team with a simple ticketing system with an easy-to-use interface.

TeamHeadquarters by Entry Software is a complete IT support system that features service desk, project management, and asset management for manufacturers across the globe. 

They are the solution for manufacturing companies who aim to reduce the complexity of their support tools by eliminating silo-applications for support and projects and integrating them into TeamHeadquarters.

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