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All businesses, regardless of size, can resolve their customer and employee support issues faster and more consistently by utilizing help desk software.

Help desk software is a computer program that allows customer care operators to keep track of user requests and other customer care-related issues thus making their service more efficient.

Help desk software falls under service desk which covers asset management and IT service management. The two terms are often used synonymously. But more specifically, help desk software refers to the system the customer care agents use to address customer queries.

It has a point of contact for customers to send their inquiries and a ticketing system that tracks and organizes issues for quicker resolution. Queries and answers are then aggregated into a knowledge base. Furthermore, the software can have multiple points of contact, working dashboard, and an analytics section. Help desk software can handle multiple databases of queries, customer profiles, call and resolution logs, and service level agreements.

Help desk software can automate tasks like ticket status management, ticket categorization, and prioritization, ticket routing, alerts, and notifications. The workload is decreased and processes streamlined as many tasks like ticket management, issue tracking, assigning can be automated.

The basic types of help desk software are:

  • Cloud-based help desk software
  • Enterprise help desk software
  • On-premises help desk software
  • Open-source help desk software
  • Web help desk software

More advanced help desk software features include insights and analytics, automated processes, multiple contact channels, reporting tools, collaboration tools, and a CRM feature.

Help desk software automates customer services and consists of at least three parts:

manage projects like a proTicket Management enables the help desk to maintain a database to hold and manage customer issues. It contains important information about the customers and solutions to their problems. Ticket management software is integrated into help desk software to address and respond to customer requests or even concerns raised by the employees of the company itself.

A ticket is basically a report on a particular issue, its current status and other relevant data. The help desk staff then creates, updates, and handles these tickets and each ticket will be assigned a unique identifier. This identifier enables the team to identify that particular customer request, add information to it, or notify the customer regarding its status.

The Automation Suite ensures that customer issues are redirected to the right employee who is capable of responding to them competently. The coordinator will get notifications whenever a customer support agent hasn’t answered or when a ticket is taking too long to get resolved.

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Reporting and Optimization pulls relevant information about all the crucial aspects of the helpdesk. Managers can determine things such as the workload of the helpdesk team, resolution rates of each support agent, and turnaround time. These metrics give managers an overview of how staff is performing and if anyone needs to be coached or rewarded accordingly.

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