Who would have thought that someone would use Google Sheets for project management?

Who would have thought that someone would use Google Sheets for project management? There’s even a G-Suite course on how to do it. Fantastic, isn’t it? I’m impressed by the ingenuity shown by individuals to create useful tools using spreadsheet programs. Google Sheets with its built-in ability to share and collaborate, make an excellent choice as a team tool.

However, I’m left wondering who would use Google Sheets to perform Project Management?

manage projects like a proFortune 500 to Fortune 1000 companies would use Google Sheets – not a chance. There are so many additional integrations and moving parts that a database program with programmers is the only choice. Fortune 500 organizations are using big and expensive tools to manage their projects. These tools typically have integrations into their ERP and organizational reporting systems.

Schools and Universities and publicly funded organizations would use Google Sheets to manage projects, possibly. There are times when looking for tools, asking for budget approvals and implementing software must be put aside. At those times using something like Google Sheets works; even if it means more work, less control, more error and less accuracy. I know, that doesn’t make any logical or financial sense, but when you’re dealing with publicly funded organizations, it rolls like this.

Manufacturers and Industrial businesses would use Google Sheets to manage projects – not likely. For-profit organizations know the value of a dollar so creating project management systems using spreadsheets is not an option; it takes too long, is not accurate enough, has no controls and is prone to error. When it comes to making money, that also means spending less. When customer satisfaction, timeliness of the project, scope and cost are on the line, having a real project management system pays.

If Google Sheets works for you – super!  If not, you might want to try out a formalized, highly controlled project management system like TeamHeadquarters.  It assigns tasks, tracks task updates, helps to create status updates and provides the perfect opportunity to monitor resource utilization.