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Using a simple ticketing system to manage facilities management work orders can be very effective There is no need to overcomplicate the process.

Have you considered using a ticketing system for your facility work order management? Many organizations are opening up the scope of what a work order management system means to them.

A work order is simply a request received by an organization from a customer or an order created internally within the organization.  A work order may be a maintenance or repair request from students or faculty in the school.  A work order may be a report of road or building problems in a municipality.  All of these qualify as tickets in a ticketing system.

Has work order management become too complex and specialized?

Daniel Markowitz, author of Building the Fit Organization talks about outdated and overgrown processes in his article in the Harvard Business Review, Simplify Outdated Corporate Processes.  He states that,

“rebuilding your processes from the ground up with a focus on simplicity is a powerful way to improve your competitiveness and energize your staff.”

Many existing systems for managing work orders in municipalities, schools, and hospitals have become behemoths and deserve to be scrutinized. Your work order process and requirements grew from Work Order 1.0 then went organic and became unwieldily and expensive to manage. 

Here’s what you can do to simplify your Work Order Management System:

  1. Review your work order process.  How delighted customers are with your work is the key indicator of your Work Order Management System.  If they aren’t delighted with you then you have a problem.  Move to step two.                                                                                             
  2. Simplify your work order process.  There are lots of ways to simplify and you’ll find many examples of them on the web, however; all you need to do is look at each of the steps and systems and ask yourself, “does this support our customer?”  Eliminate all unsupportive pieces of the process and then you’ll have a process that is focused on delighting your customer.            
  3. Replace outmoded and complex systems.  Consider using a generalized ticketing system that is affordable and adaptable to other business requirements. This is a popular and practical approach to satisfying the needs of many with a single system.  The ticketing system becomes one of your “operating systems” that can be used by all.

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