top ten reasons for help desk management software
Properly implimentated helpdesk software will make a world of a difference to your customers and support team.

10. The “crack” that everything falls into is as wide as the Grand Canyon.

You know exactly what I am talking about; the chasm that issues and requests are constantly falling into. If it were not for persistent customers, you would have no help desk at all. New help desk management software would provide you a single location for all requests.

9. You have no idea what is happening with your help desk staff or your customer service.

Everyone seems busy but are they really? What are they doing with their time? Is the team optimized? Are they making a difference? Are your customer satisfaction statistics going up or down? Whew! You have more questions than answers. Help desk management software will help you analyse the work, collect the stats and optimize your team.

8. You are spending a lot of time on the phone making excuses for your helpdesk team.

Talk about embarrassing. You’re issuing orders to people to do their job and helping to keep the team organized by putting in the basics – like communicating with customers! Help desk management software is going to put in the basics.

7. You use spreadsheets and email for your helpdesk.

Wow, talk about futile. This is a continuous disaster and even when it’s up to date it’s wrong! Help desk management software will help you eliminate Excel induced trauma from your team.

6. Your help desk team is working on projects and your projects are all late.

You help desk team and your project execution team happen to have significant overlap. This means that neither your help desk manager or your project manager or any of your team has any idea of what they should be doing. Help desk management software integrated with project management is going to solve this for you.

5. You have a helpdesk group that is staffed with cowboys.

Heehaw! Cowboys are great if they are focused on help desk. They just want good tools that can help them do their job with a minimum of fuss. Get them a good help desk management software product and you will go a long way down the path of making your cowboys happy.

4. You have customers and you have a support group but you have no system to manage them.

This is a no brainer. If you have budget, requirements, and the time to execute then help desk management software is going to rock your world!

3. You are using multiple software silo systems at the same time.

Here is a recipe for disaster. One-step up from managing with Excel and email but maybe worse. A SINGLE help desk management software instance will help you examine you help desk(s) across multiple groups.

2. You stink at support and your customers are unhappy.

Help desk is just not working out. Your satisfaction ratings (as if you had any) are plummeting (along with your gut) and you need to do something about it stat! You need some consulting help, procedures and strategy and you certainly need a help desk system to measure success and create a continual improvement cycle.

1. You need to improve and organize your overall support operations.

No matter the reason, you really want cool help desk management software because, that is what help desk people need! If you are using a number of cobbled together systems like SharePoint, Access, and Outlook then you need a real system.