Investing in quality customer service trumps products. You will damage the hard work you put into your products when you offer poor service,

Your product is worthless if no one wants to buy it from you. (Sorry To Break It To You…)

Since the introduction of internet and our range of communication expanding, the accessibility of stores in which we purchase our goods and services from has increased. Twenty years ago you had to purchase all your needs and wants from your local general or specialized store. However, the internet, can allow anyone to open an online store and sell you a wide variety of items to anyone in the world. This has lead to a wide variety of online stores pertaining to all markets. What can you do to differentiate yourself from others? Excellent service will always trump well built products.

Introducing Customer Service

Customer service is the advice, assistance, or guidance that a business provides a customer with both before, during and after their purchase. The quality of the customer service is dictated by the organization, interaction, and simplicity of the purchasing experience and usually is built around what questions customers are asking during their experience. Good customer service is support founded on correct advice and assistance when needed in addition to easy to follow guidance. The results of this can be extremely beneficial to your business and often results in new sales or repeat clients. On the contrary, poor customer service is found in incorrect advice, tedious assistance and little to no guidance; and will lead to poor customer satisfaction.

In addition, the quality of the good customer service in a business dictates how well you are likely to have reoccurring customers as well as how likely your customers are to recommend your business to their peers. Customers want to know that you are there for them, even after they’ve invested into your offerings and your business. This equates to customers discussing their experience with others one-on-one, on social media and on sites like Tripadvisor, Yellow Pages or Yelp. If they are incredibly satisfied with their experience, there will be a positive backlash, whereas if they are dissatisfied with their experience, there will be a negative backlash, potentially losing many customers.

In conclusion, in business what you give is what you get. If you provide poor customer service, you will receive negative reviews and customer reoccurring. However, if you provide amazing customer service, your business will continue to positively gain new and reoccurring customers as well as a good reputation. Customer service adds value to your business in customer satisfaction and reputation.