Service Desk
Well defined service desk strategies and tactics are essential in today's business environment.

IT Service Desk Strategies and Tactics defined

A well thought out IT Service Desk Strategy will help you transform organizational IT into a strategic asset. It will help you define how IT services relate to processes, business models and other organizational strategies and objectives.

What is service strategy?

Service strategy shows a larger, broad based view of how service management will impact the organization positively to achieve its objectives and provides the framework for individuals to think and act according to the strategy.

Strategy is very high level and doesn’t get into the who, what and when of deploying IT resources to achieve goals but focuses on the how and why. If properly written it will give every person the capability to think and act in a strategic manner.

For example, a service request arrives at the help desk. The technician evaluates it using a set of rules that have been pre-defined. Many of these rules are strategic. Who looks after it? How does this type of request get handled? Some of the systems will further address it with service level management and work flow. The definition of the strategy, formally or informally has already occurred.

The acid test of strategies, formal or informal, is; do they assist the organization in its processes, business models and other organizational strategies and objectives; they are good to the degree that they assist.

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Tactical Service Plan

A tactical service plan shows a smaller, short term view of how to achieve the strategic plan and deals with the deployment of resources; the who, what and when aspects of material and personnel arrangement over a short period of time.

While strategic plans are executed at the highest levels of the organization; tactical plans are executed at the operational levels of the organization requiring only a well worded strategic plan as direction.

When is the best time to create an IT Strategic Plan

Strategies for your SMB IT service desk can be undertaken at any time during the life cycle of the organization. Without a doubt, you will have some sort of service desk strategy in place currently at whatever maturity level. If a Strategic Plan is absent or no longer relevant then, perhaps, a new Strategic Plan may be required.

A surefire method of attaining progressing maturity in Service Desk Management is to formalize it. Strategic and Tactical planning are really the hallmarks of management and, to the degree that they are developed the organization is mature.

Tips for Developing An IT Strategic Plan

1. Start with a plan on how to create the plan. Sounds stupid but, if you don’t go about it in a structured way it’ll end up in the trash can. A structured method requires some research and a good place to start is with the ITIL® organization website.

2. Use our readiness toolkit to gather the information required for the plan from your team and customers. Working in a research bubble will only get you through the theory of a Strategic Plan. Interviewing customers and staff will get you into the doing of the plan.