Deciding on a help desk solution
Help desk software selection insight

Many organizations struggle with IT support and have difficulty deciding which help desk to select when looking for the software to manage the help desk for their IT department. Organizations have found that they need to improve such things as:

  • Optimization of the help desk resources.
  • Turnaround times for customer support and service requests.
  • Customer and employee satisfaction.
  • Early problem detection.
  • Internal communication within the help desk for IT departments.
  • Ability to manage all the work for the IT professional.

IT professionals are being asked to perform all kinds of work. This is even more prevalent in small to mid-sized IT departments (5 to 50 people). Today’s IT professionals don’t just work on support issues alone. The support staff is required to be crossed trained and work in a fluid, organized manner. Decisions need to be made in minutes by the empowered workforce. At any time they are required to work on support calls, operational tasks, service requests, and projects. The duties of an IT professional are vast in their function and skill set.

Some of the manufacturers of today’s help desk systems have noticed this and are now investing in making the software multi-functional in order to support the way IT professionals are required to work. These systems now have the function to support all work regardless if its support, planned service, project-based or operational duties.

So what should you consider when evaluating a help desk for your IT department?

  1. Make sure the system has an integrated project management system. This will allow all of the IT workload to remain in one application.
  2. The system should allow you to easily transform a support ticket into a project. Look for a system that allows you to drag and drop a ticket in order to transform it into a project. This is a key requirement since it allows you to complete the life cycle of support-to-project and back to support.
  3. Ensure the project management module has a help desk ticketing system integrated into it. This allows you to track support directly to the project; post, during, and pre-project planning.
  4. Reporting should be integrated so that management can evaluate where the IT professional is spending their time. This metric is a key element that management requires when making the case to hire additional IT staff.
  5. The system should allow for multiple ticketing queues supporting teamwork and multiple work activities. It is imperative that tickets can be moved from queue to queue in order to meet the demands of today’s fluid work environment.

Your company will greatly benefit if you select the proper help desk for your IT department that integrates all the work required to be managed by your IT department. The efficiencies one can achieve are impressive and should not be overlooked.

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