IT project training
Can you really transform everyone in IT into a Project Manager?

Techniques and insight gained as part of the Project Manager PMP training is invaluable to an IT organization, when all staff is engaged in the project management portfolio, and project management software the effect will be a single, cohesive project centered organization.

Level one support through to CIO’s when educated in project management and certified as Project Management Professionals (PMP) is an effective IT Strategy. Arrange training budgets with local schools, online learning and internal mentoring by certified staff. A strategy that will

not only provide much needed professional development for your team but, it will create movement throughout your organization which will keep your IT team vital, focused and sharp.

As projects from the project portfolio become active, you will assign them to members of the team that have depth in these areas. Your team has so much capability built in that there is almost nothing you cannot do or any reason for you to fail except for lack of faith. Follow this strategy and you will get more projects done, have more fun and keep your team engaged at a new level. The benefits are obvious.

  • Rich expertise in every member of the team can be leveraged in the project management life cycle
  • Continual learning
  • Get more from an engaged and invigorated team
  • Get more projects done
  • Increased communication and volatility (a good thing)
  • More fun!

Yes, one more thing; good tools are required. Evaluate TeamHeadquarters project management and help desk software from Entry Software.

TIPS for becoming a Project Oriented Organization

  1. Build a Project Management Training project
  2. Engage Certified Project Manager to train the team on the PMBOK and get everyone their PMP. Find out which certificate is right for you.
  3. Decide right now – every member of your team is a trusted, valued employee and that, once trained, they will be managing projects. If they aren’t then you need to decide whether to keep them or not.
  4. Give your projects out to members of the team. You may even consider that they won’t be working on projects they are managing – just managing them and that they will be rostered on projects that other team members are managing. Its not a great idea to just have them manage themselves – where’s the growth in that?
  5. Mentor, monitor, manage! Get them all winning.

The result is that within 18 to 24 months you’ll have a dramatically different IT landscape that is leaner, better, more communicative, more fun to work in and that can do anything!