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Process is a crucial aspect of successfully executing projects in the manufacturing industry as minimizing downtime is a major priority.

With the ever-changing industry and competition, the complexities of supply chain and speed of product development are forcing manufacturers to recognize that, in order to compete, they need a better system to organize work better, manage their resources, and collaborate with stakeholders to ensure that products are delivered on time and within budget.

The solution is project management software that will help IT Managers in manufacturing reduce the complexity of their support tools. With the right project management software, you can manage shop floor support, automate facilities management, control IT and operations projects, and support office and administration.

Project management software for manufacturing like TeamHeadquarters gives manufacturers a complete IT support system:

manage projects like a proProject management allows manufacturers to plan, execute, and control IT projects. Organize and prioritize your many projects and tasks in a single solution by using project management software with integrated Gantt to create an unlimited number of project tasks and sub-tasks, start and end dates, durations, milestones, predecessors, assignments, priorities, risks, and constraints. Gain visibility on what your team is currently working on and collaborate at the task level.

With project management software, manufacturers can create unlimited projects and resource them appropriately and quickly communicate issues, risks, change requests and incidents. They can create project tasks and support tickets and assign them to staff and customers. And manage project updates, the team roster, tasks, files, time sheets, financials and status updates.

A principal component of the project management software which has an integrated service desk system is help desk which provides ticketing services to all areas of your organization. An unlimited number of ticket queues can be created and staff them appropriately. Additionally, you can create custom email addresses and automatically create tickets and assign them to individuals. Also, use Problem/Incident Management to manage large volumes of tickets relating to a common problem.

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Collecting and managing assets are essential to incident and problem management. Asset Management controls the health and entire lifecycle of your assets; connecting assets to service requests, incidents, and problems. With TeamHeadquarters Asset Management tool, you can capture vital assets and vendor and purchase data, and connect assets to service requests, incidents, and problems. And you can connect a single asset or multiple assets to incidents.

And because the timely delivery of projects is a priority for manufacturers, project managers need to stay updated on project timelines and resources.

With TeamHeadquarters, manufacturing status reports and project updates have never been easier to produce and disseminate. You’ll have complete authority of project ticket queues, integrated email agents, comprehensive resource management, task scheduling, project groups, portfolio dashboards, integrated status reporting, integrated and customizable reporting, the inclusion of customers on project tasks and tickets and a Customer Self-Service Portal.

To see how your manufacturing business can benefit from project management software, click here for your free demo of TeamHeadquarters.