What do you consider to be the most essential aspect of project success? The statement of work? Well-documented requirements? An accurate schedule? A well-managed budget? While these are all critical pieces to the successful project management puzzle, there is one underlying element to each. What is it? Communication. Every one of these is based on good communication. Project Communication is the most critical aspect of the project, it is the most important job of the project-manager, and – while nothing guarantees success – poor communication almost assuredly guarantees failure…every time.

From conducting initial customer engagement meetings, to conducting a formal project kickoff meeting, to handling all team meetings and issues, to conducting weekly and adhoc customer communications both formally and informally….project communication skills are still the fundamental building block to efficient and effective information dissemination and, essentially, project success.

See how to communicate with your project members.

The free eBook we are presenting, The Essentials of Project Communication Success discusses many of these topics and how the project manager must make these skills their own in order to realize successful interaction with all project stakeholders and project success overall.

Please download this valuable resource and let us know what you think of it. Feel free to share your own thoughts on how we can improve our communication skills to become better project managers.

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