Here is three ways to change your customer service for the better!

We’ve all heard the saying “what goes around comes around”. This means the consequences of one’s actions will be dealt with accordingly. This saying is especially true when it comes to providing bad customer service. If you and your company offer less than satisfactory customer service, it is more than likely that there will be a result of a negative consequence. Think of it this way, if you provide poor customer service to one person, they will most likely share their subpar experience with friends and family. Their inadequate experience will either be spread through word of mouth or even worse, through social media. The following are the most common results of poor customer service.

1. Leaving For a Competitor

One of the worst feelings can be when a loyal customer discontinues using your product or service and uses competitors instead. Keeping customers waiting can be a prime example of why customers will leave. If customers are constantly being put on hold or if they are always hearing the phrase “we’ll call you back…”, they’ll get tired of waiting. Eventually, they’ll get sick of not being the companies first priority and leave you for a competitor. A way to avoid this is having exceptional customer service by never keeping your customers waiting around.

2. Negative Social Media Encounters

Everybody and their mother is active on social media nowadays. Information can be passed from one screen to the next in seconds. Having your company being exposed to social media can be one of the most detrimental things to happen to a company. This is because once people post something, it never leaves the internet and your product or service will always have a negative impression. If you keep customers happy, they’ll be posting positive comments recommending your business to a friend, rather than posting complaints about your less than satisfactory customer service. Complaints travel 10 times faster than compliments.

3. Lack Of Respect

If you don’t value customers, and act like they aren’t important, they’ll feel unappreciated. Disrespecting customers will often lead the customers to have a lack of respect for you. This relates back to the saying “what goes around comes around” because once you or your employees begin to show a negative attitude and disrespect towards customers, they will do the same to you. Not only will your customers disrespect you, they are more likely to stop using your product or service because of the negative experience they had.

In conclusion, in order to keep your business up and running, you need to have exceptional customer service tactics. The consequences of poor customer service can be detrimental to your sales. In the future, try and avoid less than satisfactory customer service in order to dodge the negative backlash from customers.