Entry Software’s TeamHeadquarters SaaS service is managed in a Tier-1 Data woman typingCenter with industry-best, redundant, high-availability infrastructure for network, hardware, and application load-balancing. Our users enjoy a consistent sub-second performance from the service.

However, in some cases, TeamHeadquarters users within a corporate network may experience performance lags due to factors outside of our hosting environment. Here is a checklist of considerations to optimize access to the TeamHeadquarters SaaS service:

1. Internet connection: Is your corporate Internet Service Provider delivering fast, reliable, seamless network access? Typically, if there is a slowdown, it’s worth determining if the Internet Service Provider is having a problem.

2. Internal Network: Is your internal network operating within expectations for consistent high speed? Are the users able to access other acceptable, high-quality websites?

3. Network Security Configuration: Are there security measures and products in place that are causing a slow-down? Is the TeamHeadquarters website identified as a trusted site and given high priority access?

4. Anti-Virus: Does your anti-virus solution have “my.entry.com” (the TeamHeadquarters SaaS website URL) listed in its Exclusion List? Entry Software does not perform a market study or compatibility testing for current anti-virus software applications, but we are aware of leading solutions that will significantly slow down the TeamHeadquarters SaaS experience if the “my.entry.com” site is not added to the Exclusion List.

o Note: “my.entry.com” is at IP address at the time of this document’s publication.

o Note: Some enterprise anti-virus solutions have centrally managed exclusion lists that may require collaboration with the appropriate IT resources.

5. Local Resources: Have the user client machines been set up so that “my.entry.com” is added to the “Local Intranet Zone” in Internet Explorer Security settings? This will produce optimal results and it carries the added benefit of bypassing many pop-up blocking issues.

After ensuring this checklist is completed, access to TeamHeadquarters SaaS service will be optimized to provide the best performance for TeamHeadquarters users.

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