CIO Review
CIO's responsibilities can range from company to company.

A Chief Information Officer (CIO) by definition is an executive job title commonly given to the person at an enterprise in charge of information technology (IT) strategy and the computer systems required to support an enterprise’s objectives and goals. With the evolution of technology, this role has become more and more important in business, making the CIO’s job ever more crucial. CIO’s are usually very high up in a business due to their high stake responsibilities for the company. It’s hard, specifically, to outline the responsibilities of a CIO due to the constant change in technology. As well, a CIO’s responsibilities can range from company to company.

The CIO of a company is very important as they are responsible for: strategic planning of the business growth objectives, creating a business value through technology, and ensure the tech systems and procedures lead to success for the business, as well as other management responsibilities such as Supplier Management and Information Risk Management (IRM). The CIO contributes greatly towards the organization of analytics and storage of electric information for of a business. To fulfill the responsibilities of a CIO, a team is constructed to complete tasks that are well thought out.

The CIO works hand-in-hand with the businesses IT department and in some cases the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of their company. Depending on the size and or success of the business, CIO’s can also be an executive. Although, these responsibilities are a base since in many cases their responsibilities vary depending on the company.

Now, how can you become one? There are many requirements for becoming a CIO of a company. It is required to have at least a bachelor degree in business administration and is strongly recommended to have a bachelor degree in computer science or a related area. Next, you will need experience with project management. This can be done through internships, previous jobs, and online or in-class courses. Building your technical credibility is very important as it will help strengthen your portfolio in our technological business world. Choosing the right area to specialize in and certificates that are offered will help with your technical credibility. After you earn your bachelor you need to go out and gain real experience in the IT department and risk management. This is crucial since CIO’s need to know these areas well; in order to succeed for the company. Lastly, receiving a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) will connect the world of technology and business together which is what a strong CIO needs. Working on leadership skills is also crucial as CIO’s lead and manage an organized team through many different jobs every day. However, this job does take time and a lot of effort to fulfill, needing a lot of experience and promotions to reach a C- level in a business.

CIO’s are very crucial for companies nowadays as the world becomes more dependent on technology. This career carries many responsibilities that require technology and business education, alongside great leadership and communication skills. All in all, with the vast increase in our world today through technology the demand for this job will increase as well, which may be a good job to consider for the future.