Here are some key questions you should be asking when selecting an ITSM tool.

If you’re in the process of selecting an ITSM tool for your organization, here are some key questions you should be asking.

What Do We Want To Achieve Today?

Do you have an ITSM improvement roadmap to guide you? And if not, you need one. Before anything, you need to define your business requirements and get a full understanding of what an ITSM solution will do for your organization.

There must have been triggers that led you to start thinking about a new ITSM tool. Have you been experiencing pains? What were they? Can these problems be solved through process improvement, better people management, or do you need a new tool set?

What Are My Licensing and Hosting Options?

Acquire a firm understanding of the solution’s short- and long-term licensing and hosting options. Ask yourself if you require an on-premises or cloud-based solution. And if you are considering a cloud-based ITSM tool, will you host it directly or through a third party? From a cost perspective, cloud-based solutions are the more attractive choice compared to on-premises tools; on-premise tools have a higher upfront cost.

Have We Assessed Our ITSM Maturity?

Before you can plan for process improvements and set realistic goals, you need to evaluate your ITSM maturity. Benchmarking your ITSM capabilities can be challenging, but it’s necessary for any top-notch IT organization. Once you’ve determined and documented the current state of ITSM in your organization, you must establish a practical path from your current to desired state or a roadmap.

Does the ITSM Solution Focus on Improving the Customer Experience?

One of your prime ITSM implementation goals is to increase end user self-sufficiency; therefore, you must understand how the service management tool aims to facilitate such improvements.

The solution should include a customizable customer-self-service-portal that will enhance customer service. The solution should also be equipped to gather information and context about users so that analysts can gain insight through reports and improve the end user experience.

Does the ITSM Vendor Bring Value as a Business Partner?

You’re not just choosing an IT service management tool but a partner to do business with which ideally should last many years. You want a partner that you have faith will follow through on their commitments.

Find a vendor that is keen on collaborating with their clients and aims to reduce the administrative burden for your team members. The right vendor is one that seeks to meet your business demands not just today but into the future as well.

The best way to determine if a supplier is right for your company needs is by testing them out first.

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