Innovate your IT
R&D is essential to foster company IT innovation

One of IT’s key functions is to provide quality customer service to end users. Specifically, the department is responsible for deploying new technologies that can help employees do their jobs better.

  • Pro-actively managing hardware, software and data.
  • Decreasing downtime of end-user machines by providing break-fix and troubleshooting services.

Consumerization of IT and a Shift in Priorities

However, as the consumerization of IT continues, companies will provide employees with more flexibility regarding device usage — including adoption of the growing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend. With this fundamental shift in enterprise technology, IT’s role will likely transform from one focused on deliverables, to one that is focused on consultation and support.

By providing end users with more insight into IT processes while we’re still at the beginning BYOD adoption, companies can slowly start making the shift toward self-support of employee machines — a suggested key component of successful BYOD programs

One system that enables this insight without adding to IT’s workload is work management software. For example:

  • Email functionality and status updates are wrapped into ticket-management systems. These ongoing communications will lead end users through the troubleshooting process from start to finish.
  • Stored information on troubleshooting and break-fix directions provides end users with a helpful library of knowledge and tools. Here, they can find the information they need to walk themselves through simple troubleshooting processes, leaving IT available for more strategic projects.

Immediate Benefits

In addition to laying the groundwork for future BYOD programs, immediate benefits of giving end users IT insight include:

  • With more insight into how IT works, end users will often provide additional feedback and more detailed information about problems they face. These two-way conversations can enable IT to identify larger areas out of isolated incidents, which can lead to new innovations.
  • Increased communication from “breaking down the walls” between departments will improve relationships and morale across the organization.
  • Increased end user satisfaction, as well as a stronger understanding of IT complexity, which will likely result in a newfound respect for the department.

By providing end users with the tools to help themselves, you can start freeing up your team to take on more strategic initiatives, and position your organization for adoption of innovative technology solutions.

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