kids in schoolInformation Technology (IT) Executives are facing the biggest challenge of their careers. How will they service a demanding and growing need using less resources and money? In 2013, applications, IT workers, business models, compensations, and every other aspect of human resources and IT spending will change.

manage projects like a proThere are good things happening in the American economy but we have doubts that we will ever see the type of workforce and economy we had prior to 2008. Our manufacturing base is depleted, the middle class are suffering and there is almost nothing that can be done except – educate. The training of highly skilled individuals from custodians to engineers is the key to America’s future and the educators are spearheading the journey.

Educators know this. An overburdened tax system and a decrepit public education system that operates on ever tightening budgets have created a difficult environment for advancement. Nevertheless, advance we will!

CIO’s and IT Managers in education should be prepared to review everything this year. Evaluate every system, contract, tool, and person against your key strategies. Something like:

  1. Will the (person, product, software, contract, service) help the school produce highly skilled individuals?
  2. Is there a better tool that will help the school in its mandate to school produce highly skilled individuals?
  3. Is there a better process or approach to delivering the service?
  4. Is there a more cost effective method?
  5. Has the contract been negotiated to its best price?
  6. And so on…

Make this year the transition year. Let us get it done and make America a better place to work, live, and prosper.

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