how using help desk tools will give you a competitive edge

A factor in beating the competition is improving your ability to service clients, quickly and with high levels of success with superb help desk tools.

If you’re using a help desk internally, then the supported team experiences better service. Professional helpdesk systems enable staff to get work done on schedule and on-budget. And if you’re using help desk for external support, you’ll have access to comprehensive metrics, see ticket loads, to engage in a continual improvement process.

To break it down, we’ve listed the ways that help desk tools can help streamline workflows so that you are producing better results:

Centralized Location

Centralized issue tracking systems promote quicker service and reduce duplication of effort; the system tells you who is working on what.

Product and development teams have access to customer service issues and a clear picture of problems to be solved.  This improves software development and helps create better products.

Improve Workflow by Analyzing Trends

Because help desk software tracks metrics such as the average time it takes to resolve tickets, IT managers can analyze detailed reports and identify trends that can prompt you to make adjustments to the workflow and achieve maximum efficiency.

Categorization of Issues

Too often, IT techs get similar issues. Instead of wasting time and effort looking for solutions, they can search for similar resolved tickets in the same category. For example, help desk software such as TeamHeadquarters has problem/incident management function which helps you manage large volumes of tickets relating to a common problem – saving you a lot of time.

Prioritize Issues

Help desk systems allow IT technicians to filter and prioritize issues and address business-critical problems quickly.

Obviously, high severity tickets like a failed server need to be addressed immediately while low priority tickets like a broken keyboard can wait. A help desk system helps technicians simply sort tickets according to priority so that nothing falls through the cracks.

Customer Self-Service Portal

If you want to maintain a tight line of communication between your clients and service staff, an integrated user portal provides a centralized place for customers to create tickets, view the status of their open issues, and close tickets once resolved. A portal reduces frustration on both ends as statuses are accessible, and unnecessary tickets are all but eliminated.

Performance Reports

To remain competitive, your company needs to be on top of things; especially the health of your systems and hardware. Because help desk tools can generate detailed reports, you’ll be able to recognize if your systems or hardware are experiencing issues continually. This provides you with the opportunity to take preventive measures.


TeamHeadquarters, help desk, and project management software provides your IT services team with a secure, role-managed ticketing system that includes an easy-to-use, responsive interface. Your team and customers benefit from limitless ticketing, problem management, file management, and integrated scheduling and time tracking.