How to get Team Buy-in
Getting team buy-in can be challenging but often required

When a company transitions into anything new, a common challenge they face is the lack of team buy-in.

Key people in the organization such as IT technicians are often the nay-sayers for new support systems because it means having to let go of a practice that they’ve used for years and have already “mastered.” They may question if a new system is necessary and worry about the amount of time it will take them to learn it.

To remain relevant and ahead of the competition, change is needed. Many managers look forward to change as it often means progress. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for employees to fear it and fight it. And for any company to be successful, it’s important to value everyone’s opinions and to work towards a middle ground when there is conflict.

How do you achieve buy-in from those you lead? Here are three tips to help ensure that the transition to your new IT support software goes smoothly:

1.    Have One-on-One Meetings

If you suspect resistance, nip it in the bud. And involve HR if required. It may seem like a small problem now, but one rebellious employee can poison the others who have already bought-in.

Ask the employee in the presence of HR why they are countering the change. Are there opinions more personal than they are technical? Remember that their feedback is valuable and while their views may not put a halt on the transition that is already underway, it’s important that they know that their voice matters.

2.    Assign Rotating Key Roles to the Team

Give everyone on the IT team the opportunity to test out the new software by assigning them rotating roles. Let an IT tech be the Problem Manager and give them tough problems to solve and let them get the work done. In this way, they’ll see how the new software will benefit them in the future.

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3.    Start Early

To ensure buy-in, you should involve your team in the planning process. You can’t just deploy a new solution and expect everyone to jump on board naturally. When you involve them from the start, from discovery to planning, they feel invested.

A good time to introduce your team to new IT support software is on the first day of a demo. Unified project management and service desk software, TeamHeadquarters, offers a personalized demo for your team to test. Your team can explore their tools such as project management, service and help desk, asset management and time management.

By involving your team during the demonstration phase, you can put their fears of change to rest by allowing them the opportunity to express their concerns. And once they are more accepting of change, they can contribute their ideas towards the successful transition of the application.