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An increase in overall business efficiency means that you and your team will be able to achieve more.

As your company grows, so do your responsibilities. More people doing more things means that you are more at risk of making human errors when you are still doing everything manually. Project management tools were designed to help you grow your businesses. Here are four reasons how project management software can help you expand:

Centralized Location for Management

Project management software gives project managers a central platform where everyone relevant has access to everything needed to get the work done. Through applications, anyone can access and make the necessary modifications and updates. They can share the project to those who need access to it and ensure proper communications among all involved in the projects.

Streamlined Processes

Insufficient planning is why most companies fail as does good planning that isn’t carried out efficiently due to ineffective practices or unreliable people. Project management software not only tracks the progress of projects but the performance of your people.

You can see where individuals are failing to meet metrics and identify the gaps in existing processes. Overall, your business cannot grow if your processes and people are not resulting in progress.

manage projects like a proBetter Customer Service Means More Business

Streamline your processes, and you not only save time and money, but you secure more loyal, satisfied customers. Clients who are happy are guaranteed to be repeat customers which mean an increase in sales.

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Tracking project and help desk time provides insight

And because you want to continue gaining insight on the needs of your customers, you’ll want to stay in constant touch with them. Accomplish streamlined processes and better customer service with project management software that can automate your communications.

Tracking of Performance and Progress

The growth of your business relies on a sound plan that stays within your budget. Manually tracking the performance and progress of your projects may lose you money in the long-run for being inefficient and time-consuming.

A good project management solution like TeamHeadquarters by Entry Software gives you total control of:

  • project ticket queues
  • integrated email agents
  • task scheduling
  • project groups
  • portfolio dashboards

You’ll also get integrated status reporting, integrated and customizable reporting, the inclusion of customers on project tasks and tickets and a Customer Self-Service Portal.

With TeamHeadquarters, status reports and project updates have never been easier to produce and disseminate. TeamHeadquarters captures all the critical info: project hours, risks, issues, tickets, tasks completed, tasks on the critical path, and more. Project Managers can also input comments, accomplishments, upcoming work, risks, and issues. Then, to make it even easier, the TeamHeadquarters Project Management tool inserts the data into the system as a transactional record. You can also retrieve previous updates to compare and review.

To find out how TeamHeadquarters can help you grow your business, click here for your free personalized demo.