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It's a difficult task to be ready for management drop-ins at the best of times. Combined project management and help desk software can help.

The concept of being “Management-Ready” when using help desk and project management software comes from a recognition that people are typically less managed than ever before. Although IT knowledge workers are largely empowered via self-empowerment, management-ready depends on people offering visibility into their workload so that others know when, how, and whether to interrupt. This is what makes it possible to align efforts and optimize the efforts of busy people.

manage projects like a proWith project management software, this means that individuals need to ensure that their “My Tickets” list continually reflects what they plan to work on today. When tickets cannot realistically be addressed today, they are deferred by changing the Next Action Date. This sounds simple, but it means that any significant pieces of work that are assigned verbally or via email need to be transferred into tickets, or formalized into a help desk and project management software solution. A distinction: the My Tickets list becomes a ‘Do-ing’ list of what you’re actually doing today and is not to be confused with a typical ‘To-Do’ list (i.e. what you wish to do today, or are supposed to do today, or are trying not to forget to do at some point in time).

For IT managers and project managers, this involves maintaining all task, ticket, and project information in terms of status, projected start/end dates, % complete, hours to complete, etc. When senior decision-makers have visibility into current information, it is possible to plan future directions amongst multiple initiatives. When actual task and ticket time lines are not maintained, forecasts and planning become constrained and management has little or no choice but to interrupt the worker. One of the most interesting fallout’s of being Management-Ready is that people and projects get ‘managed’ less.

Conclusion: Managers can finally get back to managing more effectively when implementing a combined help desk and project management software solution.

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