help desk email

Any good help desk software should have the ability to integrate seamlessly with your choice of mailboxes.

Help desk software with help desk email integration enables you and your customers to communicate back and forth through email which has been customized and personalized with your corporate branding and individual signatures.

Your support staff will receive notifications and will have different email templates tailored to teams which can be assigned based on the content of an email. Help desk software with email integration does offer a lot of functionalities, but it also has its benefits.

Here are some reasons why help desk software with email integration and its ticket tracking systems is better than traditional email:

Added Transparency and Promoted Accountability

By having a ticket tracking system, supervisors can quickly see who’s worked on what and what the status is. By knowing what needs to get done and who is responsible for it, accountability will be increased. In this way, departments can recognize which support requests are received the most and support resources can be allocated accordingly.

Built-in Tracking and Reporting Metrics

Tracking of teammate productivity and efficiency is made easier when you have the ability to run a report on every ticket that someone has worked on. You’ll be able to determine how well your employees are managing their workload and if someone needs coaching.

Having a Centralized System

Tracking of information becomes much easier when you everything is centralized in one place. By having the ability to open a ticket and find all the relevant information straight away, you no longer have to dig through emails.

All the key information is documented as projects progress. With help desk software with email integration like Entry Software, you can use Problem/Incident Management to manage large volumes of tickets relating to a common problem.

Solves Reorganizing Issues to Ensure Continuity

As with all organizations, people resign, get fired, or go on extended leave. If you ever need to delegate tasks to others for these reasons, having all previous email communications accessible makes it easier for whoever takes over to pick up from where the last employee left off.  

Connection and Control

For supervisors, having a tight line of communication with service staff is essential. With Entry Software, managers can easily create and staff queues across the organization and assign each queue a set of ticket templates and Email Agents.

You’ll have the ability to generate an unlimited number of ticket queues and staff them appropriately. Additionally, you can create custom email addresses like or, and automatically create tickets and assign them to individuals.

With help desk software with email integration, you can create requests straight from emails that are sent to your mailboxes. For easy audit and quality control, all communication times and dates are stamped.

Entry Software’s TeamHeadquarters Help Desk provides ticketing services to all areas of your organization. Their unified project management and service desk software include project management, service and help desk, asset management and time management.

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