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You need to understand the pros and cons when deciding on Saas vs on-premise help desk software.

There was a time when companies had to create their help desk system. Today, SaaS solutions provide companies with a cost-effective alternative that delivers the same solution to efficiently running your customer service help desk.

To better examine why SaaS is better than hosting on your server through the on-premise install option, here are five reasons to consider:

1.    The Costs

It may be convenient to have your help desk servers on the premises as it will give you peace of mind. However, it can be costly. You would have to deal with the stress of building your hardware and software system which involves the expenses of installing, maintaining, and eventually upgrading the system. Furthermore, you would have to hire skilled engineers who will maintain the server.

The SaaS solution is almost always the more cost-effective option even if you’re thinking long-term. An on-premise solution demands that all of your requirements and costs are settled up-front when you purchase because there are equipment and associated software to be installed.

As your business changes over time, there is little opportunity to scale up or back later. But with SaaS, the amount of storage you require can be easily adjusted based on your needs.

manage projects like a pro2.    Licensing and Updates

Markets and customers are constantly changing. Software companies are constantly making updates and improvements. If you’re using an on-premise solution, your business won’t benefit from any of those new enhancements or features as you are locked in with the product until your next physical update.

3.    Equipment Maintenance

Equipment, servers, and computers will at one point break and may need regular maintenance. An on-premise solution will require the hiring of specially trained, dedicated IT professionals to service your equipment. Your trained staff would need to maintain the hardware, perform routine security updates, and backup the operating system regularly.

Not only is this added work but keeping that staff on the payroll is an added cost that you wouldn’t have to worry about with SaaS or cloud-based software as the providers of the solution will take on the responsibilities of regular updates and needed upgrades.

4.    Mobile Accessibility

SaaS allows your company the benefits of mobile accessibility which is one of the biggest benefits of cloud-based solutions. You can run your business from virtually anywhere and ensures that you can access your data whenever and wherever you need it via mobile, tablet or laptop.

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5.    Quick Setup

Most companies are preferring SaaS help desk software because it can be set up and launched within a significantly shorter amount of time than it would to develop and build the infrastructure of an on-premise solution.

With SaaS, your customer support team can get back to being fully functional much sooner, and your company doesn’t lose time or money during the downtime that an on-premise install would undoubtedly demand.

When choosing between SaaS or on-premises help desk software, think about your business’s needs and demands. To get you started and introduced to help desk software, click here for a free demo of TeamHeadquarters.