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Project manager reviewing the project heath status using web based project management software.

Whatever the size of your business, you undoubtedly deal with a number of projects that are spread across all members of your team. Here are five advantages of web-based project management software.

If you’re still using spreadsheets and calling multiple face-to-face status update meetings, you risk losing track of what needs to get done, and something is bound to fall through the cracks.

manage projects like a pro

If your goal is to run better projects, have productive teams, and satisfied customers, then you should consider web-based project management software. Project management software makes producing and sending out status project updates so much easier.

But if you’re hesitant about making the transition from tools like spreadsheets then here are 5 advantages to consider.

1. Accessible Centralized Project Data

Embracing project management software means having access to a central project data from virtually anywhere that has an internet connection. This allows you to work from different locations allowing access to the same data, in real time if needed.

This means that your important data is not scattered throughout the different members of your team on their local machines. The centralized database allows you and your staff to work more efficiently and share information and communicate with maximum clarity.

2. Delegation of Tasks

One of the advantages of project management software is having the ability to easily delegate tasks to appropriate project members . This gives your team members access to the relevant data and they can see who they should contact if they have questions. The team members can update their tasks and the project reflects the change in real time. No more chasing resources for project updates!

3. Standardized Processes

Consistency in documentation increases productivity and decreases the risk of errors. When each document has the same look and feel, extracting data is easier. With project management software, your processes become standardized. You will no longer need to worry about employees creating different templates that can cause confusion and lose continuity.

4. Improved Collaboration

It is not uncommon that employees get assigned individual tasks that are part of a bigger project. Project management software promotes collaboration by giving people a way to share documents, update tasks, and communicate timelines. Through status updates, everyone knows where you are at and how the others are progressing thus improving accountability.

5. Reduced Update Meetings and Emails

Keeping track of projects is simple with project management software. This allows you to reduce the number of face-to-face bogus status update meetings. “Who’s bringing the doughnuts; Uuhhhggg!”

There is also a reduced need for those copy all email exchanges that eat up valuable time. Often in group projects, people cannot proceed with their tasks that is dependent on someone else’s progress. Real-time info will tell you what still needs to get done, who is responsible, and how they are progressing.

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