Finding out what customers think of you will foster change and improved customers support and service.

Businesses, successful or not, can always find ways to improve and better their success. The best way this can be done is by identifying how well you are doing by hearing what your customers have to say. Customers are a huge impact and part of a business, service or product base, since they are the people companies target, to buy and support your products. Although, how can a manager or owner find out how well their company is doing? Simply taking the time to send out an online survey, acknowledge and read review sites, or send out feedback forms.

Online Survey

With a large increase in technology over the years, it has evolved our world to be very technologically advanced. Why not take advantage of this, and turn to technology to reach out to customers. Creating an online survey, focused specifically, on how well you are doing, is a great way to keep in touch with your customers.This can give your company information that could be the answer to how you can improve for the future.

Not a lot of people are filling out your survey? This can be a common issue since some customers do not want to waste their time on a survey. A quick fix can be to reward your customers for their time, maybe with a special promotion or 10% off their next purchase or a gift card. By doing this your customer has incentive to fill out the survey, and your business gets reviews that can better their success, without breaking the bank too much.

Review Sites

Another way to reach out to your customers online can be through review sites. Review sites are a huge factor in shaping a business online reputation, regarding if it’s good or bad. It would be a waste for companies not to focus on these sites since it is a great way to collect valuable feedback. Customer review sites that are not initially set up by the business itself, also entices customers to be more honest with their reviews. Why? Asking for customers to review a company on a different, trusted review site is more authentic and is less “screened.” Negative feedback can be hard to digest, however, the businesses that acknowledge criticism and can strategize how to improve, will be the most successful.

Feedback Forms

Moving away from technology, another great form to get reviews from your customers are sending out anonymous feedback forms. Handing these forms out to your customers, if you’re a company that interacts with customers face to face, gets quick and valuable information. This can be done by assigning your employees to hand out these forms to customers as they enter the store, designating a spot to hand them in when they are done. As previously mentioned, rewarding your customers when they fill out the forms will entice them to complete the form, making it a win-win situation for both parties. Later, managers can spend time reviewing the information and determine any correlations with repeating issues that may arise. This can then be analyzed by a team, determining how to resolve these solutions.

Customers are a great way to see how well your company is doing since they are the people who are using your service and or product. Although having a solution such as a help desk, can manage customer satisfaction, in an easy and organized way, keeping your business on top of its game. Help desks are a great solution for businesses, to visually see how well they are doing and identify the areas that are maybe lacking. Evaluating and resolving the information gathered from online surveys, review sites, as well as feedback forms, is a great way to identify how well your business is doing, leading to better success down the road.