Customers hate waiting
The best thing we can do as IT support members is to communicate as quickly as possible with our customers. Even if the news is bad. Customers hate waiting more than ever.

Longer wait times study

In a study done by the US National Library of Medicine, they confirmed that longer wait times establish extremely negative influence on customer satisfaction. Additionally, they also found that other aspects of the business functions were viewed negatively, particularly their confidence in the businesses care for customers. Customers hate waiting. Ticket management can help.

See yourself as a customer; although the customer experience can range from business to business, many service-based companies have grown largely because of their customer’s expectations of satisfaction is often fulfilled. Customer satisfaction is the key to building lasting relationships with clients as well as keeping them coming back to do business with you. Aspects that affect customer satisfaction are the quality of the product or service and the interactions with the business prior, during or after the purchase.

A businesses customer satisfaction can range depending on the quality they provide. If a business provides poor products and little to no integration with the business, the customer will be dissatisfied with their experience. And vise-versa; if a business provides a quality product and offers advice, assistance and guidance through the whole process of the transaction as well as additional support afterward, the customer will be greatly satisfied with their experience. All of this equates to how customers perceive your business and your offerings and determine to if your customers will come back, or better, bring in new business the next time they come.

There are many aspects that will benefit or deteriorate the quality of the customer satisfaction. The aspect of wait time for services or products is one of the most detrimental to compromising customer service. It is no surprise that many people lack patience, though. As technology advances, systems become quicker and people receive their information or products quicker. As a result, people’s patience has decreased. This has affected the way in which companies conduct their business with customers. They opt to offer faster services or simple UI to process services to improve customer satisfaction. However, these customer services provide general support during the purchase.

Ticket Management

Ticket Management is a system of interacting with customers directly in an organized fashion to address any concerns or advice they may have. A “ticket” is given to a customer and they may ask a question or voice any concerns they may have. The ticket filed in categories and submitted to the customer service team of the business. They can address any problems or concerns they may have with representatives. This process is very short, allowing for staff to interact with the customer and address an exact issue as opposed to general issues that are often foreseen. As long as there is staff working, there are people to answer your questions!

Having ticket management is a great solution to the patience issue that is seen in many businesses. Whereas people may get fed up with long wait times or automated responses, ticket systems allow the customer to receive a response directly from the business. The best part, you don’t have to set up this system yourself! There are purchasable online services that provide quality systems to be implemented into your online website.

In conclusion, customer satisfaction is integral to generating new business. Providing quality products or service as well as customer service is the best way. There are automated ways of processing faster, which benefits the customer, however, there is some satisfaction lost in organic processes. Providing a ticket system offers an option to customers that allow them to voice their questions or concerns about the business, with a speedy response. This benefits both the business and the customer.