Customer interaction
Your customers are everything so make sure you treat them with respect.

Living in a fast-paced 21st-century society can be overwhelming. Customers are constantly wanting new and improved products or services. Since our society is so fast-paced, we move quickly but we also get bored quickly. We want to experience bigger and better things. We get tired of the same old and desire change. From a company standpoint, this can be very difficult to deal with, especially when customers are constantly coming and going. As a company, you want to keep your customers loyal and engaged to the best of your abilities. Here’s how!

Build An Online Community

A community will allow customers and clients to feel like they’re appreciated and heard. It will give clients the ability to ask questions and give feedback about your business. If you’re customers have appropriate assistance that they’re satisfied with, they’ll be sure to remain engaged with your product or service. A community also allow your customers to have discussions with one another that is relevant to your industry. Many popular social media websites such as Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups and Google+ allow for the creation of communities. This is beneficial to you because many users are already on these social media networks, which makes it that much easier for you to make them part of your community.

Develop Emotional Connections

Once companies do this, there is a much greater chance a customer will stay loyal to you. Think about it this way, you purchase a company’s product or service. However, there’s no name or face attached to the company, just an anonymous source that you’re giving your money to. There is no personal connection with that interaction. Without a personal connection, a customer won’t feel as engaged as they would be if they put a face to the name. Most of the time, customers want to see who they’re dealing with, which allows for better engagement. Here’s how to build personal connections with customers,

  • Use images of your team members on social media- If your customers have a question about your product or service and they post this question to a social media page, having a team member with a profile picture of themselves is much more personal rather than having a photo of the companies brand name. The customer will most likely feel as if they are speaking to an actual person rather than a robot.
  • Introduce yourself- An introduction is the best way to grab a customers attention. For example, it can be as simple as reaching out to them when they give you a follow. Such as, “Hi (name)! Thanks for the follow! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.” This is a personalized message that will stand out more to the customer.
  • Include biographies of the CEO and major employees- This allows your customers to develop an emotional connection because they can read about employees and make connections to similar lifestyles.

Host An Event

By hosting an event, you’re giving your customers a chance to meet you and your employees in person. It’s also a great way for your customers to interact with each other. This will further enhance the sense of community, therefore making the customers more engaged. An alternative to this is rather than hosting your own event, you can set up a booth for your company at a local trade show. This way, you can showcase your product or service while getting to meet your customers.

Keep Up With Conversations

Remaining in consistent conversation with customers is a successful approach that will leave your customers feeling appreciated and engaged. When questions and complications arise, you and your team need to remain consistent with addressing problems as soon as they are brought to your attention. This allows your customers to remain loyal to you because they will be reassured that whenever they have a question, they can always get an answer.


Although these concepts require a great amount of work to maintain, it is extremely beneficial to your company to have these connections with your clients or customers. Keeping them engaged will allow you to have more security knowing that your customers will be loyal to your product or service.