cloud-based help desk solution
There are five key reasons you should consider moving your help desk to a cloud-based help desk solution. Here are some suggestings you might want to consider.

Many companies who aren’t yet on the cloud are already considering making the move. This isn’t because it is the latest trend and everyone is simply jumping on the bandwagon. Companies are making the transition because they are recognizing the many benefits of migrating to a cloud-based help desk solution.

Here are five reasons why you should switch to a cloud-based help desk

1.    Security

Cloud solutions have significantly better security than an on-premise help desk application. Most SMEs simply do not have the budget for high-end IT security. They can, however, afford a cloud provider from a reliable company whose solution guarantees better IT security than even the biggest organizations.

2.    Savings

There are many technologies out there that most smaller businesses don’t consider using because it simply costs too much. For example, opting for an on-premise help desk solution would cost significantly more than a cloud-based solution.

Furthermore, the on-premise alternative means that you have also needed to train and hire dedicated IT staff to monitor and support it. Imagine how much your company could save by not having to pay the monthly salaries of in-house employees?

Cloud-based helpdesk applications come as a huge relief for businesses that are looking to spend time and money on more productive activities rather than installing, maintaining and troubleshooting their on-premise helpdesk solution.

This is why most company finance departments have no hesitations in supporting the move to the cloud because they know that it will save the company a lot of money in the long run.

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3.    Scalability

Cloud solutions offer scalability and flexibility. Your organization can choose to purchase only the amount of computing and storage power it requires. In the future, it’s easy to upgrade your subscription based on your new needs and requirements.

Companies don’t expect to stay the same forever. The goal for most, if not all, SMEs is to expand. Having a solution that can grow as you grow is ideal rather than overpaying for a solution that you don’t quite need just yet.

4.    Disaster Recovery

Cloud’s disaster recovery is so crucial in any company that many choose cloud solutions for disaster recovery purposes. With a cloud solution, disaster recovery is quick and practically immediate. In-house solutions for disaster recovery could mean hours of downtime and substantial financial losses.

5.    Accessibility

Cloud solutions guarantee that no matter what is occurring at your office’s physical location, your staff can continue helping clients because having all your data in the cloud means having access to it virtually anywhere that you have access to the internet.

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