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Whatever size your business is, you need to be quick to resolve your customer and employee issues. And help desk software will help you achieve this effectively and consistently.

Many small businesses make the mistake of skipping investing in help desk software, thinking that a dedicated email address and a phone is enough. However, it simply won’t suffice, and you risk losing customers when you don’t leverage solutions such as help desk software that were developed to help small businesses like yours grow in sales and profitability.

Here are three things to consider when choosing help desk software for your small business:


You certainly want to grow your small business and to do that; you need to offer excellent customer support; which is what help desk software is all about. But because you are a small to midsize business, you may have limitations and specific considerations when choosing help desk software compared to bigger companies.

For example, you may have a limited budget. As a small to midsized business (SMBs), you’ll benefit more from Software-as –a-Service (SaaS) which offers comparatively more affordable pricing plans.

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And SMBs who have small or no in-house IT staff will find that these cloud-based systems don’t require a lot of management overhead. And even someone with limited technical expertise can easily understand the initial setup process and take on the day-to-day management themselves.

Lastly, when comparing help desk software, remember that vendors may bill you on either a monthly or annual basis. With some solutions, the annual plan guarantees big savings in the long run.

manage projects like a proTicket Management

If you want to solve issues promptly efficiently, a reliable ticketing system is key. Through ticket management, you’ll have the ability to categorize, prioritize, assign, and track status changes.

To ensure that the help desk software you are considering has an easy to use ticket management system, we recommend that you first test their free trial before committing. TeamHeadquarters by Entry has a responsive interface that is easy to navigate. Best of all, they offer a free customized demo.

SaaS or On-Premises?

The two basic types of help desk software deployments each come with their pros and cons. On the upside, Saas solutions are hosted in the cloud and managed by you. However, to function, it requires a working Internet connection. And because it is stored off-premises, you may worry about the safety and governance of your date.

The good thing about an on-premise solution is that it is installed locally on a server that you own. However, because you have separate hardware in the form of your server, you’ll also need an IT professional to manage it long-term.

Help desk software, a subset of service desk software, means you no longer subject your IT support specialist to logging issues and tracking statuses manually.

Let TeamHeadquarters Service Desk software show you how you can streamline your processes, simplify your interactions, and organize your data. Recognize the value in using a help desk as you feel equipped and organized to handle the volume of issues that come in.

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