project management characteristics

Project management is one of the core functions of any business organization.

And before project management software, everything was done manually. There are two types of project management software – desktop and web-based.

Project management software is used for planning, resource allocation, change management, and scheduling. It allows companies to effectively control costs and manage budgeting through quality documentation and management.

Characteristics of Project Management Software

When choosing project management software, there are many things to take into consideration. Remember that not all your projects require all the features offered by project management software you utilize.

A solid understanding of your project requirements before selecting the right project management software is ideal. The following are important features of project management software:

manage projects like a proResource Management

Resource management of the project is one of the fundamental expectations from project management software. This involves human resources.

Resource Management helps project managers plan the availability of resources for all projects. Project management software like TeamHeadquarters by reviewing each member of the teams’ past 90 days of activity and understanding current tasks assignments from all projects, the project manager will do a better job of managing resources. He or she will quickly find this to be the best resource management intelligence they have ever had.

Document Management

Projects will generate a lot of working material, such as documents, images, and other files. Without a dependable and easy-to-use document management feature, collaborating around documents can be challenging. Project management software should have a document management facility with the relevant access control system.

Task Scheduling

Scheduling is one of the principal features that should be provided by project management software. When it comes to activity scheduling, project management software should provide the ability to draw Gantt charts.

A good project management software should allow you to integrate your scheduled tasks with your calendar while taking into account work and personal calendars, provide you with a single location to schedule all your work and easily transfer your calendar onto your timesheet for manageable entries.

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Issue Tracking

Project management software should have features to track and monitor the issues reported by various stakeholders of the project. During the project life cycle, there can be many issues related to the project that needs constant tracking and monitoring.

When choosing the suitable project management software for your needs, evaluate the characteristics of software and match them with your project management requirements.

If you’re looking for project management software that gives you a unique and complete integration of service desk, TeamHeadquarters provides you total control of project ticket queues, integrated email agents, sophisticated and comprehensive resource management, task scheduling, project groups, portfolio dashboards, integrated status reporting, integrated and customizable reporting, the inclusion of customers on project tasks and tickets and a Customer Self-Service Portal.