Support CRM Agent
Integrated CRM features with our help desk makes my support service way more efficient.

Do these 5 things and your customers will love you!

You have always been in the business of serving your customers.  In your unique marketplace, you deliver goods and services to your customers that make a difference in their lives; your products/services help your customers achieve their goals.

Five Customer Focusing Activities:

If you considering investing in a CRM system then you might want to find a help desk solution with integrated CRM features.  

CRM is much more of a concept and a change in the way you think about serving your customers than it is about technology.  You can spend lots on technology, have an awesome running CRM system with no discernible difference to your customer service.  Investing in a help desk solution that has CRM elements might be your best move. Tracking support, issues, and questions within the help desk is an effective business practice.

Tie all of your systems together to create an Integrated Customer Service System.  

This is as much a conceptual CRM system as anything.  CRM, from a conceptual perspective, is about delivering the information everyone in your organization needs, when they need it, to service your customer. Consider a ticketing system rather than a CRM system.  Issue tickets, keep customers in the loop and provide them with a portal.  Serve them, and deliver what they need.

Provide your customers with a portal to your system.  

In some cases, where there is lots of ticket and transaction volume with customers it makes sense to provide them with a Customer Self Service Portal.  Many customers are working when you’re not and it’s common for the new generation of workers to want customer self-service (CSS).  Provide a rich, interactive, customer self-service portal and it could be the singular reason your customers stay with you.

Write a customer service manifesto that ties together the mission, vision, and values of your organization.  

A manifesto is a public declaration of policy.  It tells the customer that your company’s focus is on them.  A customer manifesto, to be of any value; must be real, tie into your mission statement, the vision of your company and firmly reflect the values you hold most dearly.  Develop policies that reflect the manifesto.  Train your team on the values of the manifesto.  Share the manifesto with your clients and tell them how you’re going to serve them.

Put a new face to customer service if the old one has failed, and failed again.  

You can’t afford to withhold service from customers but when you deliver bad service, no service, failed service, slow service, etc… you’re doing just that.  You’re withholding service from your customers.  If your current team is withholding service they could be ruining your organization and your reputation; realign your human resources and put a fresh face to customer service and deliver excellent results consistently.