understanding customer tracking
Utilizing customer tracking software will help you make informed decisions

It’s time you retired your old paper system of managing your customer information or manually inputting everything on a spreadsheet. Perhaps the hesitation to transition to customer tracking software has to do with the fear of it costing too much. However, when you consider the benefits, you will recognize why utilizing customer tracking software will not only save you money in the long run but also help you nurture customer relationships and increase sales. With customer tracking software, you’ll be able to collect valuable customer feedback, prioritize the most important requests, track your team’s productivity, and gain a better understanding of your business. Here are five reasons why your small business would benefit from customer tracking software:

1.    Centralization of Your Customer Support Requests & Questions

Customer tracking software keeps you and your team well-organized by having a centralized location for all your customer information. With customer tracking software, everything your team needs to know to respond to a customer’s inquiry is in one place. You no longer have to CC anyone on an email or search through threads looking for answers. This will save you and your team a great deal of time, particularly if answering customer questions takes up a good portion of your day. This also ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.

2.    Customers Can Track Open Issues

The last thing you want to do is make an already frustrated customer even angrier by making them wait for a response. What will only worsen the situation is if the people on your team don’t know whether or not the message has even been read or responded to. Because customer tracking software lets you update the status of a case, your clients don’t have to wait in the dark or worse, feel ignored. Solutions like TeamHeadquarters have an integrated Customer Self-Service Portal enables customers to create tickets, attach documents and prepare updates as they also maintain a tight line of communications with the service staff. If you have a large staff that is dedicated to handling customer inquiries and issues, you’ll want to track their progress to ensure their productivity. While there are several methods to do so, customer tracking software has a productivity tracking feature that allows team members to enter notes about their progress on specific issues.

4.    Prioritize the Most Important Requests

Frustrated employees who may feel overwhelmed by too many issues will inevitably drop the ball which could lead to tickets getting lost, ignored or forgotten. With customer tracking software, you can prioritize your workflow so that the most time-sensitive cases are handled first, and cases that can wait will have a lower priority assigned. Employees will avoid getting inundated because they will know which ones to prioritize.

5.    Improved Collaboration

Collaboration can be challenging when email is the primary channel used for communication. The right customer tracking software will allow your staff to work with one another more harmoniously, resulting in a stronger team that is quicker to respond to your customers’ inquiries and concerns. To test which customer tracking software is right for you, try an all-in-one solution like TeamHeadquarters which is all about managing All Work in a unified simple-to-use application. Click here for a free demo.