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If you are still relying solely on email as your support tool then your IT support team is likely dealing with more issues than they can cope with. And they’re likely doing an inefficient job because they are handling repeat issues that could have been resolved much quicker if there was a central platform where they could pull up similar incidents.

If you’re considering transitioning from email to adopting a help desk software solution, here are five reasons why a service desk tool outperforms email:

1. Provides End-Users with a More Modern Customer Experience

Utilizing help desk software means that your end users will have the ability to self-check the status of their incident rather than taking the time to call or email IT support. And because they are made aware of the projected time of resolution or delivery, their expectations are managed which decreases the potential of escalated issues and end user dissatisfaction.

2. Optimize Operations Through Automation

Using email is a manual process that is undeniably slower than help desk software which streamlines workflows and optimizes operations through automated activities. Speed up data capture by using templates to auto-populate fields. Clone existing tickets to save time and automatically route tickets to the right person.

Self-service capabilities like the one TeamHeadquarters by Entry Software enables customers to create tickets, attach documents and prepare updates as they also maintain a tight line of communications with the service staff.

3. Better Data Means Better Decision-Making

When you have a single platform to pull information from, your team is more capable of facilitating the management of incidents. They’re no longer trading multiple emails back and worth which is not only susceptible to human error but time-consuming. The staff can make better decisions when they gain insight from the analyzed data and a full audit trail of who did what and when.

4. Improves IT Support Staff Recruitment and Retention

People come and go, and you may need to replace a member of your IT staff at some point. Prior knowledge of your system is not necessary as they can quickly catch up because your help desk software has a comprehensively recorded history.

You also retain your IT staff be reducing the pressure that IT support staff face when manually dealing with issues via email. And because help desk software has reporting capabilities, you’ll be able to view individual and team performances and reward the people who deserve it.

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5. Gain Better Insight into the IT Ecosystem

The problem may not always be related to hardware or software faults but root to the lack of training of the end-user. Help desk software can help you identify any trends and repeat issues that may help you make the right changes instead of repeatedly fixing a problem that was, in fact, the result of poor change management.

To improve operational performance and the quality of your service so that you may reduce costs, you’ll need to identify the potential of other opportunities. Help desk software’s reported metrics on your performance, volume, creation, allocation, and resolution of tickets will give you that valuable insight.

Ultimately, relying entirely on email is no longer sufficient if you want to compete in today’s highly automated industry. If you don’t want to get left behind and want to test help desk software, click here for your personalized free demo of TeamHeadquarters, a solution to provide your IT services team with a secure, role-managed ticketing system that includes an easy-to-use, responsive interface.