important help desk features
There are many factors to consider when selecting a new help desk solution for your small business customer support.

When deciding on the right help desk software for your organization, you’ll likely hear about a lot of features and wonder, “which are best for me?” While all those features will surely add to the performance of your team, we’ve listed 5 of the key features of help desk software you should be looking for:

1.    User-Friendly Interface

Not everyone has the technical background to navigate complex systems. Your customers who have issues to report are probably frustrated as it is and the last thing they want is to be challenged by an interface that is not user-friendly.

Help desk software was created to make life easier, not make processes more inefficient. A good help desk solution should offer a friendly UI.

2.    Ticket Management and Tracking

While giving the customer an excellent user experience is crucial, the management and tracking of tickets is the foundation of any help desk system.

The right help desk software aims to improve the efficiency of your organization by organizing and monitoring your active workload by ordering your tickets by priority and presenting you with all the relevant information quickly. The dashboard should be able to present you with the sufficient details and all tickets requiring attention should be divided logically for easy management.

A good ticket management system should have a streamlined process for reassigning or escalating tickets and allow other members to be involved in the resolution of the ticket if needed. Multiple tickets that share a common root cause should be grouped together for faster resolution of future tickets with a similar issue.

3.    Help Desk Dashboard

Service desk systems like TeamHeadquarters have a help desk dashboard that gives the Support Manager instantaneous feedback on what’s occurring across all help desk queues he or she is managing.

With the TeamHeadquarters Dashboard, you will have a graphical interface that shows multiple “channels” dialed into specific data. This includes tickets, problems, time entries, ticket volumes by product and location. Clicking on any data element on the My Queues Dashboard connects you immediately to that item or filtered list.

A queue dashboard will help you identify risks, increase awareness of potential problems thus allowing you to give your customers outstanding service.

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4.    Easy Implimentation and Support

You want a help desk software that can be quickly implemented and won’t take your IT team too long to implement, test, and complete training. Your team should be more focused on adopting the new system. Downtime will hurt your organization and if the help desk software is too complex, it will take you much longer to reach your ROI goals.

Also, choose a help desk provider that has a good level of telephone and email support should you have any issues with their system.

5.    Email Integration

Help desk software with email integration would allow you and your customers to communicate through email which has been customized and personalized with your corporate branding and individual signatures. Your staff will receive email notifications and have different templates tailored to teams which can be assigned according to the content of an email.

For project managers and supervisors, email integration means there will be a tighter line of communication. Tracking of team productivity and efficiency is easier when you have the capability to run a report on every ticket that someone has worked on. You can determine how well your employees are managing their workload and assess if someone requires coaching.

While these are only 5 features that are important to consider when shopping for help desk software, many systems offer so much more. TeamHeadquarters Service Desk offers all these as well as Incident and Problem Management, Resource Management, Change Request Management, Timesheets, Service Request Portal, and Email Notifications.

To learn more about TeamHeadquarters and their long list of amazing features that helps you manage all your project and non-project with one easy-to-use application, click here for a free demo.