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When looking for the best project management software for your organization, you should start by recognizing what your company’s needs are.

Having an in-depth knowledge of your requirements will put you in a better position to choose the ideal project management software that carries all the features that are relevant to your business activities

While different project management software systems offer many features, we’ve listed the top 5 activities you’ll want to track using your project management software:

Planning and Scheduling

Meeting deadlines is an obvious priority for every team. By having a tool that schedules time slots, each member working on a project knows precisely when someone should be finished with their task. The project manager can assign due dates and set budgets accordingly. Each member involved in the project will be held accountable as their timelines will be visible to the whole team.

Documentation and Sharing

To complete a project, teams will need to share documents and project management software will allow team members to upload, store, and revise documents in real-time. This includes the sharing of calendars and contact lists.

Often, team members may need to access each other’s work particularly if their own task’s completion relies on it. This is why it’s important for teams to have an organized platform to organize their documents and communicate.


You don’t know if you are progressing if you’re not tracking performance. Project management software should include an overview of your projects and a report that shows if your team members are meeting their individual KPIs. This allows the project manager to make an informed assessment of the team member who either needs to be rewarded or coached.

Resource Management

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Even project managers need to manage their time and keep track of their resources, and this is where the resource management feature proves to be essential.

TeamHeadquarters is a project management solution that has a resource management feature that helps the project manager plan the availability of resources for all projects. By reviewing each member of the team’s’ past 90 days of activity and understanding current tasks assignments from all projects, the Project Manager will do a better job of managing resources.

Budget Management

You’ll find that the larger the project, the more you need to document and manage the expenses. If you’re still using Excel, you’re probably slowing things down.

Project management software’s budgeting tool helps you monitor all your project expenses. You’ll have a weekly and monthly report of your expenses and the total. TeamHeadquarters offers a simple approach for budget tracking with its Project Financial Management which captures project benefits, costs, and budgets. Project Financial Management makes it possible for the Project Manager to store versions of spreadsheets, PDFs, and other documents. It provides the Project Manager with a secure document storage area that is only available to project managers.

To learn more about what project management software could do for your organization, click here for a free demo of TeamHeadquarters.